New Website Goes Live

The CEA had a range of issues with their previous site, the most difficult of which being the inability to make any amends or adjustments to the site through a lack of content management system. The organisation, moving into a new phase of renewed enthusiasm and growth, needed a way to communicate with its existing members and a way fo engaging new members. In light of this, Square Daisy worked alongside the CEA to get an intricate understanding of the mechanics of the business and package a website that would become an aggregator of information moving forward. Building in a dynamic content management system to allow updates to be made at any time allows the CEA to keep its members abreast of industry news, events, training and member offers. A comprehensive directory fosters inter-trading between members – a huge economic benefit of membership. We added lots of dynamic functionality using jQuery and Javascript to make best use of the real estate on the page and delivered a portal to position the CEA as the voice of the sector.

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A key element of the new website was an engaging video to aid in rapid understanding of what the organisation did, offering a first step on a user journey through the site that was always built on the principles of enthuse, educate and engage – converting new members creates a stronger organisation and the site was heavily focussed on ensuring users were aware of the call to action they were expected to make, with full knowledge of the benefits that would bring.

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The whole project was a huge success, with some challenges along the way, but the feedback that is coming from members and new visitors is extremely positive and the take up of members to contribute content to the site has been phenomenal. Working with any membership organisation will throw up one or two issues, with design by committee never being an ideal way to work, but working alongside David Kilpatrick (Director of CEA), Julie Kilpatrick (Office Manager) and Sam Thiarra (Chair of Sales and Marketing Working Group) any challenges were managed smoothly and we arrived at a destination everyone was happy with.

The engagement of the new site has been so good, we’re already talking about version 2 functionality!

Have a look at the site here


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