There are lots of companies and freelancers building websites, so it is often hard to know which one to choose, particularly if you have no knowledge of code or web technology. That said, it is really important you make an informed choice because the wrong one can be very costly. We pride ourselves on several elements of our web work. We have a very inclusive and robust process that enables you to feel part of the project, and provide your input at every stage. We use new technology, not PDFs, to provide you with visuals, whether that is a wireframe, design concept or full section of the site. We use clean code structure to help with your optimisation on Google, and because we are a small agency, we are very cost effective for the level of expertise and quality of service that you will receive.

Simple Brochure Sites

Why do you need a website? Because your competitors have one and that’s who your potential clients will be looking at instead of you! A brochure website explains your business, the products and services that you provide, and is the perfect way to encourage visitors to pick up the phone or fill in an enquiry form. Our Express packages are perfect for businesses that need something simple, or have limited budgets. Our custom approach is best if you need something a little more complex with interesting functionality. We can create a bespoke website design that ensures you are represented in the best possible way online. If you already have a website but it needs updating, we can help with that too.

Content, Not Design Led

Too often creative agencies will impose their vision of design on your website, without understanding your business messaging. We take the time to understand your business and the market you operate in. We research your competitors and what they are doing online. We establish who your customers are, what they are looking for, and the tone of messaging that will resonate with them. All before we even open Photoshop! We then wireframe the site, which gives you an appreciation of how the site will be structured before we complete design concepts and a full design suite. Coding, testing and launch then follow, but only after a methodical process is undertaken to make sure you get the very best return on your investment.

Technology To Suit Your Needs

As PHP developers we bring a whole range of benefits to our clients, making projects future-proof and cost effective. We usually use WordPress as a Content Management System, however we have worked with Concrete5, Magento and Joomla in the past so we’re pretty flexible. Whatever your business needs, we can deliver a bespoke website design to cover them. We will always use the technologies and frameworks best suited to your project.

Bespoke Website Design

Our in-house design team ensure that they capture the personality of your business in the design phase, while keeping to your brand guidelines. Having wireframing, design functions and technical development in-house is so important because all three need to constantly communicate to create the perfect website. As part of our process we create design concepts for you to consider to ensure we’re on the right lines, whilst advising you on what works best. When you are happy, we deliver a full working site which we then attach the content management system to so you can make updates in the future.

Responsive Design

Websites have to adapt when being viewed on mobile devices. All of our website projects are delivered using Responsive Web Design, or RWD, which allows the webpage to adapt to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. For those not familiar with the principles of RWD, we put together a short explainer video to help our clients get a better understanding, which you can view here.

Training and Support

You may already have a website and be familiar with the Content Management System (CMS), or this could be your first interaction with such a system. Whatever your level of expertise, we will provide training so you get the best out of your new website. We create CMS User Guides as standard so you have something to refer to whenever you want to make any updates. We also offer a comprehensive training programme with your team, either on site, or in our offices in Redhill. If you’re unsure about any functionality at any point, you can always pick up the phone and speak to one of our team who will be more than happy to help. Alternatively you can hand over all of the ongoing content and maintenance to us as part of our Square Daisy Visibility service.

Optimised For Results

We make sure everything is in place for your website to perform well with Google search. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a complicated business but we can help you with that via our Square Daisy Visibility service. We always deliver standard on-page SEO that will give your site the foundations upon which to build. Whether this is advising on body content and integrating keywords, appealing H1 tags, 301 redirects, optimising page speed, fixing errors or indexing the site, we have the expertise to move your site up the ranking positions.

Other services

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