We work with clients to optimise their sites for search at code level, through content creation, social media strategy and management, paid search, retargeting and automated marketing.

Digital Marketing – SEO experts

The world of digital marketing is changing so rapidly. One update to Google and all of your hard work in creating content, or optimising your site in a particular way can be undone. This is why we have an in-house digital marketing specialist who understands the whole SEO landscape. We create the right mix for your business, understanding all the the different aspects of SEO, instead of being overly reliant on social media or technical optimisation. We focus heavily on Google as in the UK the market for other browsers such as Bing and Yahoo is simply not large enough for it to be financially viable for us to work on for you.

Square Daisy Visibility

Many of our clients are specialists in their own fields, whether it is professional services, engineering or technology. They may have a marketing person or department, but marketing covers a whole range of things, and most likely involves the strategic planning and delivery of all types of activity. This leaves limited time for digital marketing. Often there just aren’t the skills in-house to effectively deliver the results that they want. Should they employ another specialist, or two? Our SEO experts create a fully tailored package to deliver the right mix of activity to deliver the results you want. No need to recruit or work with three or four new freelancers, it’s all taken care of under one roof- ours.

Keyword Analysis

When you type in a search term, Google will provide you the most relevant content based on what you searched for. We take steps to identify what it is that people are searching for by using some sophisticated software to identify the most competitive or popular terms. We then look to develop content on your site, and associated platforms, that matches what people are searching for. By taking a methodical approach to it and using the latest technology, we can ensure that your content will be relevant to your audience.


A strong website is as much about the words on a page as the layout and imaging. If you struggle to strike the right balance between verbose and minimalism, we can help. Our team can produce engaging and optimised copy that really sells your business to your clients. You’ll be assigned your own writer who will listen to what you want your website to say, whilst making sure all relevant SEO keywords are naturally implemented into the website copy.

Social Media Management

The rise of social media over the last decade has been simply staggering. What is equally staggering is the way that it can help businesses to so accurately target and market to their ideal audience. The phrase ‘viral’ is banded around repeatedly as though it is easy to get people sharing content! If you want to get something viral the content has to be relevant, engaging and useful. We can help you to create the content and a calendar for its release. Because social media isn’t ‘free’ it requires the application of something very precious and very valuable – your time.

Google+ / Places

One area that can play a huge part in getting you traction online is by setting up, and maintaining your Google+ page and ensuring you are on Google places. Lots of people search for services by location so ensuring that you are visible in your local area with a good Google places profile will help to drive traffic to your site. We can also support and manage adding content such as photos, offers and reviews to boost your profile.

Digital PR

Once we have created your content, we want as many people to see it as possible. This involves pushing content out through the right channels so that people we want to engage, get to see it. We do this using a variety of tools that can form part of a whole new marketing strategy, or alternatively fit within your existing strategy. We have the expertise and tools to be able to get your brand in front of your audience.

Google Analytics

How do we know if what we are doing is working? We analyse the results through Google Analytics. This allows us to get a feel for what is working and what is not. That way we can allocate more time and resources to what is working, and less to what isn’t. We can start to build a picture of your clients and how they are finding you, where on the site they are dropping off so we can plug the gaps and how many leads you are actually converting. As time goes on, the picture gets clearer and we can improve what we do even more.

Google AdWords

For some businesses, organic SEO is not the most effective form of generating traffic on its own. In many instances a Pay Per Click or ‘PPC’ campaign is necessary. This involves setting up an AdWords campaign through Google. We make all the arrangements for this and advise on what budget you need to allocate to the campaign each day, linked to the most appropriate keywords that will be most cost efficient for you while still delivering the best results.

Technical Review

For our clients that already have a website and social media platforms in place, there is often no need to ‘re-build’ or set up everything from the ground up. Instead we start with a full technical review, using webmaster tools to run an audit on the site and suggest fixes or improvements to the website, check what content is being published on social media, the frequency and quality of it, and asses the copy on the site to ensure it is keyword rich. Once we complete the audit, we know exactly what our starting point is and how much work is required to get you the results you need.


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