We can host your website on a dedicated, fast and secure server. This means that we have control over your site at all times, enabling us to make any updates or undertake maintenance without any barriers.

Square Daisy Hosting Information

As a web development company, we also offer website hosting.  We do not own the servers that our websites are hosted on, we are a reseller of the service on behalf of a professional Datacenter that has the infrastructure, expertise, security and capacity to deliver the required levels of service both we, and you, expect.

We have a dedicated server located in a Datacenter based in Docklands, ensuring UK data sovereignty and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations.  The Datacenter has all suitable and appropriate policies and accreditations to ensure the highest levels of security, alongside a number of physical and logical controls.  These include:


  • 24x7x365 NOC support
  • Digital video surveillance (proximity triggered)
  • Biometric access control


  • Optimal ambient environment
  • Stulz air conditioning units
  • Free air cooling
  • N+1 standard
  • Advanced canopy cold row cooling


  • N+1 Standard (multi generator)
  • UPS battery backup
  • Redundant power main power sources

The Datacenter Employs the following protocols:

Actively Protected

No third parties may have access to your sensitive information. The data centre is equipped with optical, ionisation and heat detection sensors, along with VESDA fire detection. Staff are also on-site around the clock, ensuring our machine’s security at all times


CCTV monitoring is in action at the data centre at all times and in all areas, complete with PIR motion detectors to highlight any adverse activity. The site is inconspicuous, and operates a dual-factor entry system and stringent attendance logging. The site perimeter is alarmed, and equipped with beam detectors.

Designed Intelligently

The protection and maintenance of your data is integral to our operations; redundancy is built into our infrastructure as standard.

Our systems are designed and built from the ground up to ensure your data is live and in-tact. The data centre has an N+1 generator power supply, 15 105kW DX CRAC units and intelligent cooling system to ensure optimal performance. The surplus generators can power the site for days in the event of a long-term power disruption.

Built For Speed

The network infrastructure is built on 100% premium Cisco hardware, with 200Gb of connectivity and multiple industry leading transit providers with multiple fibre endpoints. All dedicated server machines are connected to 1Gbps dedicated ports on fully redundant switches, ensuring downtime is no issue.

Our Infrastructure

The specific infrastructure that we use for our clients is as follows:

  • Intel E3-1271v3 (4 cores | 8 threads | 3.6Ghz)
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2 x 3TB Hard Drives, RAID-1 Disk Mirroring
  • 1Gbit port
  • 10TB monthly data transfer


In terms of our uptime, based on the six months from 1st January 2019 to 30th June 2019, our average server uptime is 99.928%.  We review this constantly but republish our bi-annual average uptime figures every six months.

SSL Certificates

Google Chrome has made the decision to classify any site that does not have an SSL certificate as ‘not secure’, with other browsers due to follow suit.  An SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) encrypts the information that travels to and from your website.  It is essential for any sites that have e-commerce functionality or that share sensitive or payment data.  With brochure websites, it is good to have this in place to avoid potential customers visiting the site to be told it is unsafe.  As such we do not offer any hosting packages without an SSL Certificate included.

We offer two types of certificate, one is from LetsEncrypt and is an open, free certificate and okay for simple brochure websites, but is not appropriate for any e-commerce sites or those that gather or distribute sensitive information.  The other is a paid for premium certificate, which is very secure and the option we most readily recommend.

Within our Unmanaged hosting package, we charge for the time to install the certificate (as the actual certificate is free) and with the Managed and Premium packages, the cost of the certificate is included.

Our Packages

Unmanaged Hosting – £295.00 + VAT per annum

  • Registration of 1 domain name ( .com or
  • MySQL database
  • 250Mb data
  • Previous 3 month backup
  • No text monitoring
  • Telephone support chargeable
    £65.00 + VAT per hour, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
  • Annual LetysEncrypt ‘open’ SSL Certificate added to domain for security

Managed Hosting – £495.00 + VAT per annum

  • Registration of 2 domain names (.com and
  • MySQL database
  • 500Mb data
  • Previous 3 month backup
  • Text monitoring
  • Telephone support included
    Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
  • Annual premium SSL Certificate added to domain for security

Premium Hosting – £100.00 + VAT per month

  • Registration of 2 domain names (.com and
  • MySQL database
  • 500Mb data
  • Previous 3 month backup
  • Text monitoring
  • Telephone support included
    Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
  • Annual premium SSL Certificate added to domain for security
  • Quarterly site backup to separate environment, WordPress updates, plugin updates and testing schedule before redeployment to live hosting

Additional Options

Should you require it, we can also arrange for the following ad-ons to be provided for you:

Microsoft SQL Server – £300.00
Not the usual database engine for websites (that’s MySQL), but useful when you need to integrate with a back office corporate system.

Scheduled Tasks/CRON jobs – £35.00
If you need to run regular maintenance tasks overnight, we need to set them up.

Dedicated Server – Price on Request

If you have the need for a dedicated server, based on anticipated traffic or security requirements, we can work with you to create a specification – or take your specification – and deliver a custom solution.

Package Confirmation

Our hosting fees are charged annually, payable in advance. 

As soon as the site is live, we can give you access to a control panel which allows for FTP and MySQL access to your partitioned hosting environment and should you need it, we can set up SSH access through IP recognition.  This gives you the comfort that you have access to your website at all times.

Ensure your web development and hosting is all under one, trustworthy roof

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