As part of our web development services we also host websites through a dedicated hosting partner. This means that we have control over your site at all times, enabling us to make any updates or undertake maintenance without any barriers. We have a dedicated, fast and secure server that we run our sites from with competitive pricing for annual website hosting.

Our website hosting is a premium service.  We are a re-seller of hosting services with our partner, nTrust Systems Ltd, who have a dedicated server hosted in the UK exclusively for our websites and our clients; we closely monitor key components such as response times and any issues are quickly brought to our attention and acted upon.

We take backups very seriously and have a thorough knowledge of all our customers.  Typically on shared website hosting services no one has much of a clue about the sites and customers that are residing on it.  We are different.

We offer two main options with hosting:

Unmanaged Hosting

This is where we take your website and host it on our dedicated server.  We handle moving all the site files and database to the server so you don’t have to worry about it and there are daily backups.  There is a 250Mb allowance and a backup from the previous day around midnight.

We charge this service out at £175.00 + VAT, per annum payable in advance.

Managed Hosting

This is a more comprehensive package which allows 500Mb allowance, has text monitoring on the site to act as an early warning for any hacking incidents, includes backups from various times going back over a three month period and registration of two domain names.  It is a really robust package that gives our clients peace of mind that their site has that extra security infrastructure in place.

We charge this service out at £375.00 + VAT, per annum payable in advance.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate identifies your website and encrypts data transferred between server and web browser. It is essential for sites involving payment, or sites where you need an element of security.
It is also becoming more important for SEO as Google now trusts secure websites more than insecure ones.  We handle all ordering of the certificate and installation on your behalf.

Frequently asked Questions

Why do backups?

In case of unforeseen eventualities:  someone breaking your website unintentionally, someone hacking your website, the server failing, etc.

What do you backup?

Web pages, images, and the backend database (if you have one) are backed up every night before midnight.

The previous day backups are overwritten every night, and it is possible that in the event of backup failure or catastrophic website damage your backup will be empty just when you need it.

If you pay for a three month backup, we hold copies from the last week, from every Friday for the last month, and from the last Friday of the two previous months. That data is held on a server in a different datacentre to separate it from your website.

Why a three month backup?

Sometimes backups fail, sometimes they happen too late or too early. We monitor backups and take action if they fail, but it is always safer if there are multiple copies of your data.  If your website is business-critical, we recommend a three month backup.

How do I get my website data from a backup?

We’ll restore it for you, into your choice of your hosting account (not advised), a test account (advised), or into an emailed/FTPed zip file to look at locally.

What’s a reasonable speed to load pages?

It depends, but much more than a few (3-5) seconds is hugely annoying.

Just how fast a page loads can depend on how good your internet or wifi is, as well as how complex your page is, or how much overall load is on the server.

We monitor the home pages of unmanaged and managed hosting accounts from a separate datacentre so we can spot problems with just your site, or with our servers. If it’s just you, we’ll suggest changes. If it’s us, we’ll work to fix the problem.

Why would just MY website be slow?

It depends – some WordPress plug-ins can be very slow if misconfigured. If you’re doing complex back-end queries you may need to optimise your database structure. If your website has lots of traffic it might be best to upgrade to a dedicated server.

What sort of website uptime do you deliver?

We aim for over 99% uptime, and for downtime for maintenance to be concentrated in the middle of the night. That’s not always possible – sometimes security updates are so important (like Heartbleed & Shellshock) that they’re done the day they appear, in core working hours, however if we expect a site to be down for more than five minutes we will alert you in the event of an urgent security patch.


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