Inventing a Job

I won’t re-write the blog as clearly you can read it yourself, but when you think about it it’s very interesting to think about the world that we (I’m in my thirties) and our kids (I don’t have any yet but am planning to) are going to compete in because of the internet, broadband and technology. We’re no longer competing with people down the road from us, we’re competing with people in Brazil, Mexico and India – because they have a fibre optic cable too and can send and receive that data just as fast.

I find it strange that the current government policy is to teach kids to remember the names of all the kings and queens of England and the dates of great battles. Why? You can Google it on your phone, tablet or desktop? Surely we should be teaching kids the stuff that inspires them and how to develop apps and innovate the next big thing? Sure, everyone needs a solid foundation of knowledge and I’ve always maintained that standards are too fluffy at the minute, but why teach kids stuff they can just access at any point?

Do we really need to know how to use a map and compass anymore……my Sat Nav is on my phone.

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