It is very common for people to have lots of questions around web development projects as it is not a subject that folk generally know a huge amount about.  There are pitfalls and things you should be asking as part of your due diligence work to make sure you bag a good partner for your project. Hopefully we have addressed some of those questions below.

Do you outsource the website work?

No. It is all kept in-house with our team.  As you’ll see from our process we make sure that there are several steps to the whole project with checks and balances in place to make sure we don’t run away with the project. You’ll work with our internal team at every step to make sure you’re happy.

How much do you charge?

Our hourly rate is £65.00 + VAT for design and development.  When we put together a proposal, it is based on a fixed cost, so that you can manage your budgets without any surprises.  Providing that there are no changes to the specification, whatever we said we’d charge you, that’s what we’ll charge you – if we go over then that’s our fault.

How is your pricing worked out?

Our pricing is based on time.  The process of web development is costed out based on the number of individual page templates that we create (not actually ‘pages’ as the same page can be replicated many times).  What we do is make assumptions as to what type of content will be on each page template and the functionality that will be applied across the site.  This allows us to understand the time requirements for each page template and arrive at a proposed budget that we feel will be accurate. After the discovery workshop (providing you are comfortable with the initial proposal) we will have a much more detailed understanding of how content will be packaged, the user journey across the site and confirm the number of page templates required.  This will allow us to submit a fully costed service level agreement based on a confirmed specification ensuring all parties are comfortable with deliverables and budget.  There is the chance that the cost might vary up or down slightly, however it is unusual for it to move more than a few hundred pounds at most.

Are there any extras that you charge for?

Not generally, however there are some occasions when we purchase reputable plugins to dramatically reduce any coding time which we re-charge at cost to you.  Any other expenses or additions are flagged at the outset of the project or way before the costs are incurred.

How many meetings do we need to have?

This is all down to our project process which you can see here.  Obviously in our industry we charge for nothing but time, so the more time we spend in meetings the higher the budget becomes. We have lots of experience in this line of work so we build in enough efficient project management time so you’re not paying for time you don’t need to.  Naturally we’re always available on the phone, e-mail and in person if needed. We care a lot about customer service and want to leave you with a great website and an amazing experience throughout the project.

Do you buy templates from places like

Absolutely not. We build custom templates for your project and don’t go anywhere near a $69 template. We have so many people come to us devastated because they have paid £3000 for someone to lazily adapt a pre-built template that is riddled with bugs and not able to be adapted to meet the needs of the client.  Bad end of our industry unfortunately.

How long does a website take to build?

We like to build our sites in a 12 week period end to end.  It can be done quicker if needed, but if we try and race through it, there won’t be enough time for feedback, consultation, content development and testing.  We don’t build cheap sites and we value our process, so we won’t compromise on the stages that we go through (as it will always end badly). We definitely don’t build sites based on a template held together with plugins.

Do you take over existing websites?

As a rule, not really.  We find that the amount of time it takes us to work out the code structure of the existing site and then implement the changes that are needed, it would have been more efficient to allocate that budget to a new website altogether.  If we are taking over the management of all SEO on a monthly retained basis we will take over existing sites, but it isn’t really an area of business that works for us or the client.

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