Add a little Christmas spirit to your website

December offers a great opportunity to show the fun side of your business, taking full advantage of the Christmas spirit.

We’ve come up with a few ideas that you can apply to your website during December to make it feel festive and fun.

6 Christmas effects for your website

1. Add a snow effect to your site

It’s really easy to add a snowfall effect to your website. All you need to do is add a plugin, such as 5Sec Snow. You can even change the snowflakes from a light snowfall to a fully blown blizzard. Or if you preferred change the snowflakes to little gifts that fall from the sky.

Alternatively, there are some fantastic code snippets available online that your developer can add to your website.

2. Tweak your logo to make it festive

One of our clients, The Mandolay Hotel, changes their logo every year. To celebrate 2018 the logo is wearing a Christmas hat; a lovely fun, festive touch.

3. Change the footer background to a festive texture

You don’t want to be changing the whole look and feel of your site, but the footer is often an easy win in terms of a relatively quick and painless switch for December. If the footer doesn’t lend itself to a little Christmas cheer or you want to expand it further, perhaps there are other parts of your website where you could add a large ‘wallpaper’ background.

4. Show your Christmassy human and local side

If you have a Christmas jumper day raising money for charity, take a group photo of all the staff and add it temporarily to your home page.

If your business is focused on local customers, you could add a nice image of your town lit up with festive lights and decorations. If not your town it could be a photo of your office.

All guaranteed to make people smile when they land on your website.

5. Create a short festive animation

These short seasonal video clips are quite cost effective to have animated as the core elements and assets are on the template, they just need to be adapted by a professional. Places like have a wide selection at this time of year. You can brand them by adding your logo and personal message. Once created, you could add it as a pop up on your website as a friendly Christmas greeting to visitors.

To make sure you get the most use and bang for your buck, don’t forget to use your Christmas animation across all your social media channels and in your Christmas eshot. You can even embed it as a GIF in everyone’s email signature.

6. Add a touch of Christmas to your buttons or icons

Swap your email icon for a sleigh. Or square buttons can become square presents!

We hope you have fun spreading the Christmas cheer via festive tweaks to your website. But, please don’t forget to change it all back come January unless you’ve got a lot of Serbian clients. They celebrate Christmas on the 7th January, so you have an extra week!

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