If you do business with us, you'll be dealing with one of our highly talented, passionate and friendly team members. So it's only right we should introduce ourselves to you. Oh, and there's some other stuff you might find interesting further down the page.

Jovan Maric - Creative Director

Jovan Co-Founded Square Daisy in 2011. He is a big fan of red wine and stilton cheese. He always has 'Pop Tarts' in his desk drawer (if you remember what they were), only feels comfortable in smart casual attire and used to be the lead in a Serbian Folk Dancing Group for 15 years. If you ask him nicely, he'll show you the videos.

Amy Lulham - Head of Media

Amy is our Head of Media so she's the one responsible for all things video. Amy loves her gymnastics and can do some pretty impressive moves on the box and the bars. However she seems to leave most of the skin from her hands at the gymnastics club each week. She owns an unusual amount of maroon clothing, has an unparalleled love of cats and dogs and is a future winner of the 'Great British Bake Off' without doubt.

Jake Hunter - Head of Development

Jake is the guy who makes all the web stuff work. He's not only a master of all things HTML, Javascript and CSS, but is also a highly regarded musician, playing the guitar in a 'well cool' band - they sell out gigs and have T-shirts and everything. Jake is also vegan and no one is quite sure how he still functions every day on three square meals consisting of essentially humous.

Phillipa James - Head of Digital Marketing

Phillipa is in charge of all the SEO and digital marketing elements of our business, where we help our clients to 'get found' online and reach out on social media. Phillipa is a chartered marketeer, has won awards for her digital marketing and previously created a product that helped with breathing. She loves anything to do with search and social media, can write a blog while scuba diving and and knows Google almost as well as those Googly folk in California.

About Square Daisy.

We’re four people who build websites for businesses and help them get great results through our SEO work. We also make videos too.  What else do you need to know?  Well, there are some other bits of information below that we think you might be interested in, but if you need more details on any aspect of us or our company, we’d love to answer all those questions over a coffee (or something stronger!)

What is the history?

The business was formed back in May 2011 up in Yorkshire with Jovan and two business partners.  Two of the original three founders moved on after a couple of years (all very amicably!), and when Jovan moved to Surrey, the business moved down south too.

I see that you also do video, why is that on a different site?

This is a really good question and the simple answer was that when we analysed our website traffic and the behaviour of users who came to our website, they were getting a bit confused on where to go because we had split the site into four areas.  We then worked out a new strategy that we’d split the two main areas of the business up completely in terms of the digital presence. So when you want video you just see a site all about video, and if you want web development information you get a site that covers all that and the very complimentary service around SEO.  Quite often we find that our clients want web and video, but we ascertain that information through a process of consultation rather than having everything thrust at you in one go! What is it that they say about having too much choice?  We like to keep our visitors focused on the reason they came in the first place!

Our video production arm

We also make videos, all kinds of video from live action promo and corporate videos to animated explainer videos.  Green screen, aerial footage, stop frame animation, product videos…..we do it all.  It is all done in house and we have a website dedicated to explaining all about every type of production we can do for you, the process and examples of some of our other work.  To see that, just click on the little ‘Video’ box in the main menu on the right hand side…….we think you’ll find the navigation of the video site quite familiar!

Based in Redhill but working nationwide….and beyond!

We are based in Redhill but many of our clients are elsewhere.  We have built sites for clients in Darlington, Leicester, London and even as far afield as Majorca and India.  That’s the beauty of what we do.  While we love to do face-to-face meetings, we can use Skype, Facetime, GoTo Meeting, Slack, e-mail and Google Hangouts to deliver the same level of service to you as though you were in the room sat across from us.

If you want to know more about us give us a call and we'll be happy to answer them over a coffee (or something stronger!)

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